Somewhere only we know...

It's been six years since graduation for the class of 2012. Five years for the class of 2013. Love was lost futures were bright and eyes wide open. The 2012 Glee kids tried to keep in contact, but over the years communication got lost. The real world happened and people lost touch with Lima, Ohio. Who became a mother? Who could be dying and who is getting married? These are the lives of McKinley High's old Glee. Where did they go? Now it's time to celebrate McKinley Highs 150 birthday and the New Directions are wanted to preform. Excitement is in the air as everyone is coming back to the place they began. Who did they see? Where are they now? This is their journey. Can they get back to one another or will they forever be divided?

(This is only a roleplay. I take no credit for any graphics used unless stated otherwise).

Tina Cohen-Chang-Open 

Profile Link ||Age
: 23 ||Current City: Liverpool, England

Date of Birth: March 20, 1994
Sexuality: straight
Status: in a relationship with Mike
Ships: Tike
School and degree
Music, Theater and Entertainment Management at Liverpool Institute for Preforming Arts. 
: Character Bio: Tina has grown a lot since she left McKinley. She went to a community college, saving her money and doing volunteer work to be accepted at Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. She went to school over in the UK to be with Mike, but once there, she grew to love it. She loved the city, the night life, and most of all, experiencing it with the one she loved.She graduated with a degree in music, theater, and entertainment management, but hasn’t found a job pertaining to that just yet. She currently works at the institute as a dancing teacher for students aged 4 to 19. She’s still with Mike and very happy with him, but there is a part of her that’s curious on being with someone else. While she has new friends in Liverpool, she misses her friends from McKinley dearly. She’s glad to have a chance to go back and see everyone again.