Somewhere only we know...

It's been six years since graduation for the class of 2012. Five years for the class of 2013. Love was lost futures were bright and eyes wide open. The 2012 Glee kids tried to keep in contact, but over the years communication got lost. The real world happened and people lost touch with Lima, Ohio. Who became a mother? Who could be dying and who is getting married? These are the lives of McKinley High's old Glee. Where did they go? Now it's time to celebrate McKinley Highs 150 birthday and the New Directions are wanted to preform. Excitement is in the air as everyone is coming back to the place they began. Who did they see? Where are they now? This is their journey. Can they get back to one another or will they forever be divided?

(This is only a roleplay. I take no credit for any graphics used unless stated otherwise).

Rachel Berry-Taken(waiting on URL) 

Profile Link ||Age: 24 ||Current City: New York City , New York

Date of Birth: March 15, 1993
Status: single
Ships: Faberry,   (OTP, yo, but I’ll do anything that isn’t Finchel.)
School and degree
Theater with a minor in music at Binghamton University.
BioEver optimistic and with her head (and profile) set for the stars, Rachel Barbra Berry left Lima, Ohio with a one-way ticket to New York, New York. Though not her first choice—discovering that Juliard did not, in fact, have a Musical Theatre department did still make her stomach drop at the thought of that lingering disappointment—she obtained a rather impressive half-ride to Binghampton University based upon her audition. Her fathers, always supportive, promised to pay the tuition for her dorm until her graduation but, like all things, setbacks were plentiful. After a rather strenuous time of Leroy Berry falling ill, Rachel vowed to not only achieve her dreams of fame, but do them for her father. The time at BU humbled her significantly because, whether she liked it or not, she was no longer the best but, as always—and with encouraging words from her fathers—Rachel turned her set-backs into a firm commitment to thrive. While she thought she was well aware of the fact that nothing in life came easy, she soon found herself wading in the waters of debt and continuous rejection. While the life of the actress always seemed glamorous and romantic, Rachel found herself waiting in lines for Open Casting Calls that stretched across two blocks because no agent would take her on without credentials in the pipe-dream city. She picked up two waitressing jobs—laughing only slightly at the stereotype—while continuously pursuing her career, her drive growing each call from home.

Some time along the road, Rachel Berry forgot what the word commitment meant, other than to the craft and her promise, and finds herself nervous of relationships—not for lack of having relations—feeling that rejection in the professional world is easier to stomach and keeps herself free of ties and focused on what, in her opinion, truly matters. Though it is undeniably strenuous to work two jobs while attending full-time, weekends spent scouring the streets of New York for open calls, she gets a fantastic agent through the help of her vocal coach at BU and finally manages to land a roll at La Mama’s in a small premiering show the day before her 22nd birthday and, though no critical acclaim is rolling from the hills, the auditions are better and better. Though still as

The call that told her the bad news about Leroy was probably the worst of her life, leading to months and a plethora of reckless, bad decisions that almost caused her to give up, altogether, but Hiram still believed in her and with a trembling, tired face, Rachel Barbra Berry went to her fifth Broadway audition and finally received the part. Though the loss of her father is still devastating, a year later, and she’s not as initially accomplished as she thought she would be, Rachel feels more confident than ever returning to McKinley with rehearsals starting next month and a future ahead, knowing she’ll made her father proud. She’s not sure what she expects—or what anyone expects from her—but for some reason, singing with her old friends? She wants nothing more.