Somewhere only we know...

It's been six years since graduation for the class of 2012. Five years for the class of 2013. Love was lost futures were bright and eyes wide open. The 2012 Glee kids tried to keep in contact, but over the years communication got lost. The real world happened and people lost touch with Lima, Ohio. Who became a mother? Who could be dying and who is getting married? These are the lives of McKinley High's old Glee. Where did they go? Now it's time to celebrate McKinley Highs 150 birthday and the New Directions are wanted to preform. Excitement is in the air as everyone is coming back to the place they began. Who did they see? Where are they now? This is their journey. Can they get back to one another or will they forever be divided?

(This is only a roleplay. I take no credit for any graphics used unless stated otherwise).

Adrian Bianchi-Open 

Face Claim: Adamo Ruggiero || Age: 25 ||Current City: New York City, New York

Date of Birth: September 27, 1992
Sexuality: Gay
Status: In a relationship with Kurt
Ships: Kurt/Adrian, Adrian/Male
School and degree: Graduate studies Foreign Language Education (Masters) NYU Steinhardt
Bio:Born in Italy, he was brought over to America when he was a baby. His parents, born and raised in Milan, immigrated to America when they were younger and lived in New York City. While they were visiting families, Adrian was born to Giovani and Maria Bianchi. He was taken back to the U.S. when he was a month old and grew up in New York, living in Brooklyn.

Growing up, the only trouble he faced was with his sexual orientation and his religion. His parents were very religious and taught him homosexuality was a sin. He first thought there was something wrong with him, when he realized he had feelings for men. It took him years, but by the time he graduated high school, he accepted he was gay. He thought he could get a fresh start in college and did so. He didn’t worry about what his parents wanted, only what he wanted. He decided to major in foreign languages (especially Italian and French), he decided to try going to clubs (though it didn’t work), and he decided to embrace who he was. During his sophomore year, he met Kurt and was so entranced by him that he asked him out.

The two have been dating for five years. He graduated college with a degree in foreign languages and has found work, odd and end sort of jobs, translating different articles and things. He wants to focus on one Italian author and translate his works into English, so others can read his books.

Callie Bushton-Open 

Face Claim: Candace Accola || Age: 25 ||Current City: Los Angeles, California

Date of Birth: June 17, 1992
Sexuality: Bisexual
Status: In a relationship with Santana
School and degree:
 Greek and Latin at UCLA 

Seth Brahms-Taken 

Profile Link ||Face Claim: Matt Lanter || Age: 25 ||Current City: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Date of Birth: July 5, 1992
Sexuality: Straight
Status: engaged to Quinn
Ships: Seth/Quinn, Seth/Female
School and degree:
 Religious Studies at LSU
Seth was always the fun guy, always the one wanting to just go out and have fun with his friends. He was never into smoking or anything like his friends were, but he did love to drink in high school. His family was very religious, unlike himself, but he still loved to go to Church every Sunday. So when he went to LSU he went into Religious Studies. While there, he met his soon to be fiance Quinn Fabray who he believes is the love of his life. When they first met, it was a strictly friends relationship, but it soon became romantic. He fell in love with her quickly, proposing to her and she said yes. He is nervous about the fact that soon he will be going back with Quinn to go to her old high school so she can perform with her Glee Club. He isn’t really sure what these people will think of him or if they will even like him. 

Gresham Lance-Taken 

Profile Link ||Face Claim: Steven R. McQueen || Age: 24 ||Current CityProvidence, RI

Date of Birth: October 8, 1993
Sexuality: Gay
Status: single, Friends with Blaine
Ships:  Gresham/Blaine, Gresham/Adrian, Gresham/Male
School and degree:
 Gender and Sexuality Studies at Brown University
Gresham was born to wealthy parents, Edward and Marian Lance. An only child, some might say he was spoiled growing up but only those who didn’t know him. Gresham is one of the nicest and most caring people you will ever meet. He’s a little clumsy and a little forgetful but that only makes him more adorable. He graduated from the Holmes School in Boston, MA (a private all boys prep-school) and went on to Brown. He majored in Gender & Sexuality studies and is now going to grad-school at OSU in Ohio to be close to his best friend, Blaine Anderson. He and Blaine have a long history. Best friends and former lovers, Gresham was there for Blaine at his best and his worst and they’re now inseparable.